Service Provider Spotlight: Hoyts

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“My son turned nine a couple of weeks ago and he was able to have a fantastic gathering of friends at the Botany cinema. Without the vouchers we would not have been in a position to have such a great party for him.” – Sweet Louise Member.

This year Members are now able to redeem their Sweet Louise vouchers for tickets at Hoyts Cinemas.

Twice a year in Auckland, they also offer a free cinema showing for our families. For some Members it is an opportunity for the whole family to have a special outing that would not normally be possible.

So from all the staff and Members, Thank You Hoyts. You continue to make a huge difference for many families. This year, Hoyts has also hosted our first Girls’ Movie Night. Keep an eye out in the New Year for more to come for the whole family.

From Senior Support Coordinator Sinda Hall

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