In 2016 Nigel Swinn photographed ten Sweet Louise members in honour of the Sweet Louise tenth anniversary. Loving the project and the people he met, Nigel came on board again to photograph ten more of our members. In 2017 Nigel set out to capture their strength and resilience through his lens. Nigel travelled to Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch and photographed members with their “rock”.

This “rock” was anyone each member felt supported them, kept them going, made them feel safe or was simply there with a smile and hug on those tough days. A big thank you to our members – Pauline, Susan, Kelly, Tina, Mary-Margaret, Harriet, Jody, Marjorie, Sonya and Nicola – and their families for taking part in the project. Extending our gratitude, we are so thankful for Nigel and his camera. Nigel has done an amazing job of capturing not only the strength and resilience of our members, but their beauty and vulnerability all in one shot.

Sonya and the boys

Sonya lives in Christchurch with her two sons, a couple of small enthusiastic dogs and a host of seaside birds that she feeds every day. She’s … Read More

Harriet and Grant

In this picture Harriet nestles behind her husband Grant on their large touring bike, clinging tightly with her eyes closed, thinking of all the road trips … Read More

Tina, Paige and Abbey

Ask any mum what life must be like living with advanced breast cancer and raising small kids at the same time and they usually say they’ve … Read More

Kelly and Vernon

We may not admit it, but we’d all like a Mary Poppins in our life. In Auckland, Kelly’s oncologist, Vernon Harvey, would be horrified to be … Read More

Susan and Nadine

Susan has been living with breast cancer for ten years now. Her journey began as many do. The chaos of treatment (including 12 months on chemo) … Read More

Marjorie and Isabella

Marjorie sits reading to her granddaughter Isabella as often as she can. That special time when little ones sit on your lap transfixed with the story … Read More

Nicola and Ryan

In the past few years, since her stage 4 diagnosis, Nicola has had to rely on her husband Ryan to take the load caring for their … Read More

Pauline and Shannon

I visited and photographed Pauline in her small but immaculate Council flat in Auckland. Living with advanced cancer, out of touch with her extended family and … Read More

Jody & Kevin

Jody has a fine arts training and has always lived a creative life – first in London and now in Wellington where she and her husband … Read More

Mary-Margaret and her choir

In a beautiful Catholic Church in Lower Hutt, twice a week, you’ll find Mary-Margaret singing in a choir; practicing mid week and the real thing every … Read More