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In December 2015, Southern Cross Health Trust and Sweet Louise were delighted to announce a three year sponsorship agreement. Terry Moore, Southern Cross Health Trust CEO, says “It’s vital that people going through the demands of incurable breast cancer are well supported, not just physically, but emotionally and financially. Sweet Louise provides this, giving their members the opportunity to focus on the important things and live a positive life“.


Because of Southern Cross…Sweet Louise is able to expand.


Thank you for your support Southern Cross!








Sentra have helped Sweet Louise considerably over the years with our printing and communications. They have been extremely generous to us. “The Sweet Louise story and concept is both inspirational and practical.

Being part of helping Sweet Louise Members living with incurable breast cancer is an opportunity to give something meaningful and serves as a constant reminder to us of others suffering. Sentra Print is committed to providing the printing Sweet Louise requires to professionally communicate with its members” says Director Chris Smith.




Green Acres & Hire a Hubby are one of our longest-serving Service Providers and are also incredibly generous supports of Sweet Louise.

“Our organisation chooses to support Sweet Louise because the relationship is a tangible one. Sure we are pleased to be able to help with some financial support, but really it is the ability of both Hire a hubby and Green Acres to make a real life visible difference to their Members that appeals to us” Logan Sears, CEO.




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For the past three years, Agpac have sold pink wrap to farmers around the country. Agpac general manager Chris Dawson says the pink bale initiative was an effort to do something for women in rural communities who are often the unsung heroes behind farming and contracting businesses.

“The pink bales promotion gained a lot of support. Many of those who ordered the pink products have a wife, mother or sister who has had an experience with breast cancer.” 




Sweet Louise is so pleased to partner with Farro Fresh.

Farro Fresh Co-Founder Janene Draper says “sharing and providing food in times of need has been a lifelong tradition of bringing people together. Farro Fresh is proud to be supporting women and their families with Sweet Louise during their time of need.”


Service Provider Stars

Loaf Logo_K

Loaf are one of our amazing service providers who go the extra mile for Sweet Louise Members. Their delicious treats make such a difference for Members and help on the toughest of days

Kirsty Heron, Marketing Manager says “we know what it’s like when a family member is dealing with cancer, you often get visitors popping in and having something wholesome to offer them is the last thing on your mind. This way Sweet Louise members have got this covered.”