Since 2014 Sovereign have been wonderful partners of Sweet Louise and we are delighted to often work closely with their staff as they organise fundraising events, volunteer their time and offer skill sharing.

Sovereign’s contribution to Sweet Louise goes toward our “Family Initiative” programme. This programme aims to help make happy memories and it is offered to every Sweet Louise member with dependent children (or grandchildren). It might be holding an extra special birthday party, day trips to Rainbows End or Snow Planet or a family dinner followed by a movie. With Sovereign’s help we are also able to provide psychosocial support to our member’s children who are experiencing life with a parent who has a terminal disease.


Jaime's family - Abbey, Jeremy, Sophie and Ashley
Jaimie was a much loved mum, wife and friend. She was also Sweet Louise member who sadly passed away in January 2013. We are lucky to still be in touch with her husband Jeremy. Their children Abbey, Sophie and Ashley are supported through the Family Initiative Programme.