Baking Delivery

Handcrafted by Loaf offers a delicious range of handcrafted sweet loaves, slices and bliss bites that can be delivered throughout New Zealand.


Orders can be made nationwide.

Booking Info:

To place orders:
phone: 09 527 4354
Orders placed by 12:00 midday will be delivered the following day. Orders will be dispatched Monday – Thursday

Delivery & Pick Up

Orders may be collected from Loaf Ltd, 92 Gavin Street, Ellerslie, Auckland

Or sent by courier throughout New Zealand

Service Amount

Handcrafted Slices – all 300g –  $5.00

Handcrafted Cake Loaves – all 500g $5.00

Bliss bites – 8 pack all $5.00

Nationwide Courier $5.00

Handcrafted Slices (300g)

Gooey caramel – Chocolate biscuit base, gooey caramel filling topped with solid chocolate

Sticky chocolate – Ultra decadent brownie, tastes so much like fudge that one piece packs as much flavour as candy

Cranberry and pistachio – A classic muesli slice with a twist of cranberries, toasted pistachios and honey

Explosive ginger – This slice will melt in your mouth, perfect as an afternoon treat or with coffee

Rocky road – Classic and old fashioned are the only words to describe this slab. Delicious, perfectly toasted nuts, soft marshmallows, chewy fruit jubes with loads of chocolate

Handcrafted Cake Loaves (500g)

Perfect lemon wow this loaf is great, moist and tender full of an intense fresh lemon flavour finished with vanilla sugar

GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE Spicy carrot tender and moist, perfect for an afternoon treat made with our own blend of gluten free flours

Bliss Bites (8 pack)

Goji Nut Bites

packed with a powerhouse of superfoods with goji berries, blueberries, chia, sunflower and linseeds combined with delicious raw peanut butter, dates, almonds and honey

Cacao & Orange Bites

a zesty combination of cacao and orange loaded with dates, almonds, honey, cranberries and coconut with a cacao nib crunch

Apricot & Macadamia Bites

a tangy apricot, macadamia, cashew and coconut bite combined with dates and honey