First Sweet Louise Bequest

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Aleta Resized
Sweet Louise Member Aleta Paige

Aleta Paige, a Sweet Louise Member, passed away in June this year and we had the lovely surprise of receiving our very first bequest from her.

As a Member, Aleta was always keen to spread the word about Sweet Louise and happy to share her story. She wanted to ensure others knew of our services if they needed them. As she said, “Sweet Louise brings you to an understanding you are not on your own. As much as you know that your family loves and supports you, you can’t always talk openly to loved ones … for a start you don’t want them to have that type of burden.”

Aleta enjoyed meeting other Members – “to be able to meet with others who are or have been in your situation, share stories, help each other out, you form a bond with the other Members, knowing it’s okay to talk and share where you are at. It also opens your mind to being able to go back to your own specialists with questions. I was a bit naive about my breast cancer. Doctors don’t always know everything.”

Our Support Coordinators are the “face” of Sweet Louise and work hard to support Members. “Right from the start the Sweet Louise people were lovely, they sent information and before long I started going to meetings. Sweet Louise kept in touch, picked me up and took me to meetings of the North Shore group when I was too sick to drive…”

A huge thanks to Aleta for thinking of Sweet Louise and entrusting us with her special gift. Leaving a gift in your will would help us to continue supporting our Members and we would be grateful if you were to consider Sweet Louise. For more information email