Just diagnosed with incurable breast cancer? We can help.

Incurable Breast Cancer

15% of those diagnosed with breast cancer will go on to develop secondary breast cancer - an incurable diagnosis

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Heads held high

The impact of an incurable breast cancer diagnosis is profound for Sweet Louise Members. As they continue to live their lives, one of the many things … Read More

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Sweet Louise 2012 Pinot Noir x 6 Bottles

Dedicated to Sweet Louise this 960 bottle parcel is produced from selected barrels of single clone Pinot Noir sourced from 26 year old vines out of … Read More

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Scott Perkins Waiheke Estate Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil from Scott Perkins Waiheke Estate. 500ml bottle

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Marissa beads1
Wish Beads

These are hand-painted by Marissa Bradley and exclusive to Sweet Louise. Marissa created these to commemorate 10 years of Sweet Louise. Available in three colours – … Read More

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Sweet Enough
Sweet Enough – Baking Book

Nicky and Sarah Isherwood have produced ‘Sweet Enough’ a baking book that uses significantly less sugar for everyone’s favourite baking recipes. The book is designed to … Read More

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